The Beringoff International Academy of Law has been established in 2018 on the initiative of the leading Russian universities on the basis of their long-term experience in the development of educational projects.

The idea of the project was to combine the best legal educational practices in the most demanded areas. Studying in international environment, compulsory internships in an a Swiss company, strong language training and integration into the international legal community make it possible for every student to take a huge step towards professional realization.

For the implementation of educational programmes, a multidisciplinary educational holding, was created.

What you should know about the beringoff international academy of law project?

The Beringoff International Academy of Law is one of a kind, unique project in the field of international education.

What gives us the right to say that?

Take eight steps with us.



Beringoff International Academy of Law is in fact the successor and heir to all the academic potential, skills and traditions of the 20 best Russian universities which, united to create an international educational platform in Switzerland: compact, exclusive in terms of quality of education, with research and analytical centers, which has advanced, innovative technology for training the best Russian and foreign specialists in international law and business management.

The Academy is in fact intended to be an incubator for the best educational and business practices in both bachelor and master’s degree programmes and short-term leadership programmes, as well as in combined programmes, career immersion programmes, and such educational formats as international conferences and seminars, winter and summer schools.



The quality of education. Students enter one of 17 partner universities for a special Swiss programme, carefully prepared and verified by the best specialists in international education. The basis, the classics of the programme was born and formed many years ago, and it is a very interesting but difficult journey. Those who overcome it will be able to claim the most prestigious job in the best organizations and companies of Russia and other contries. Studies take place alternately in Russia and Switzerland (first semester in Russia, second and third in Switzerland, fourth and fifth in Russia, sixth and seventh in Switzerland, eighth month is left for preparation and presenting of a thesis).

The study process is intense and complex: in addition to the chosen university programme, each student has to master the Swiss programme. All this is complemented by practical lessons in Swiss international organizations and corporations, a live exchange of experience with invited industry leaders, coaching students at real intense negotiations with opponents in foreign language, classes in foreign language with the best Russian and foreign teachers.

Graduates leave the Institute with a decent background of theoretical, practical skills and business contacts. Students get two full-time diplomas — one of the Russian university they enrolled in, and one of the Beringoff International Academy of Law.



The core subject – International law — will always be in demand. This profession is your reliable anchor in life, the basis for further development in any sphere. The law permeates through all spheres of our life without any exception. The profession is prestigious, deep, financially intensive, intelligent, strong, equally open to both men and women. Many political and business leaders in the world are lawyers in the field of International Law.



All those who wish it will be able to continue their studies to Master’s level, either at our Institute in Switzerland or at any other university in Russia, Europe and other countries.



Foreign language is an essensial element of education. Two languages (English + French) are taught in the most intensive format throughout the course of study in Switzerland. Beginning from the third year, education is provided in English with the active participation of teachers and speakers from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The language requirements are the highest. Our goal is to train specialists who will easily beat their competitors on all political and business platforms. Studying will be difficult, but very interesting.



We are expanding our facilities for holding classes and educational events. Depending on the practical feasibility, studies are held in Montreux, Geneva, Zurich, other Swiss cities.



Safety of stay of the students. In Switzerland, the Board of Executive Directors of the educational holding is located. We will always be attentive to the children and carefully create comfortable conditions for study and rest.



Tuition fee. A prerequisite for enrollment into the programme is admission to one of the Russian partner universities, in each of which the conditions for admission of candidates are different. Similarly to having certain requirements for the list of Unified State Examination subjects and minimum pass points to enroll into the Bachelor’s programme, there are certain entry tests for enrollment in the Master’s programme.

An average cost of each Swiss semester is about 15,000 CHF. A very attractive, average tuition fee for a very special, strong, prestigious education at the private Swiss Institute. For our part, we are already working hard together with our partners to create the student support grant system.

The cost also includes full and comprehensive support for each student at all stages of admission and study, including:

  • Switzerland entry visa (type D) arrangements
  • Student residence permit (Permis B) arrangements
  • Seeking accommodation: an apartment or a room in the campus according to the student’s individual preferences
  • Support throughout the educational process
  • Customized curriculum
  • Organization of educational and tourist tours around Swiss cities, organization of additional seminars and student meetings
  • Continuous feedback from our curators in Russia and Switzerland


  • 2016

    Has been raised the need to establish an educational platform for the active training of Russian specialists in Switzerland, as a center of international law and venue of most international organizations.

  • 2018

    The program is supported by the leading universities of the Russian Federation. Foundation of Russian Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation International Legal Education Centre. Establishment of Beringoff SA and Prolex SA, Swiss educational companies.

  • 2019

    Establishment of the Beringoff International Academy of Law programme with the support of leading Russian Universities.

  • 2020

    Registration of the Educational Holding. Agreements on cooperation with more than twenty Russian and foreign universities, business schools and companies working in the field of education were signed.

  • 2021

    The agreement with the International Academy Montreux SA was signed. The launch of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Montreux (Switzerland). The Supervisory, Academic Councils and the Board Of Trustees of the Beringoff International Academy of Law were formed. Prominent lawyers and bars from India, Switzerland and Brazil in addition to Russian representatives joined the Academic Council. The launch of joint combined Master's degree programmes with Russian and foreign Universities and business schools. The launch of joint academic programmes and advanced training seminars. An agreement has been reached to establish the India educational platform with the active support of the Bar Association of India and Indian corporations. The Beringoff International Academy of Law Project was first presented with its display stand at an international educational exhibition in Moscow.