Special programmes of the academy

The Beringoff International Academy of Law covers different levels of higher education and attaches importance to each of them, striving to make it convenient for students and attendees to choose what they consider fit for improving their skills, capabilities and professional standing.

In our activities for the development of international cooperation and partnership we focus on the following educational products which go beyond the classical set of Bachelor’s/Master’s degree.

1. Combined Master’s degree programmes (law/business). Two diplomas.

This type of programme is organized in modules, where the main segment of the programme, such as intellectual property rights, is complemented by business modules related to business management in the field of innovative information technologies. This combination makes the programme as a whole more modern and multifaceted, enabling trainees to gain a broad managerial perspective on innovative development and the associated legal support for this area of activity. The combined Master’s degree programmes offered by Beringoff International Academy of Law and its partners have the added benefit of allowing trainees to immerse into practical, research work in one of the countries where the world’s centers of international law and innovative business are located.

2. Short-term leadership programmes. Two diplomas/certificates. The duration of the programmes — from 2 to 14 days.

These programs, which are offered by the Beringoff International Academy of Law, are generally intended for executives of organizations and companies, business owners, and ambitious specialists who aspire to the first roles. These are the most expensive and information-intensive  educational products. Their main purpose is to offer their clients exclusive material, to provide direct communication with invited speakers — prominent lawyers and bars, politicians and practising leaders of world business. The goal of the Academy is that each of the students capitalizes over a short period of time his/her personal contacts and experience of complex legal affairs and business management, which is being passed from hand to hand.

3-4. The programmes of advanced training and programmes of additional education offered by Beringoff International Academy of Law are built on a high professional level. They are used in practice both as independent programmes and as separate modules in Master’s degree programmes with our partners.

5. Career immersion programmes. An extremely useful format of programmes for university students. High-level professionals in the field of international law, practising lawyers and bars, diplomats, politicians and businessmen purposefully exchange experiences and transfer their knowledge to students in every detail, and conduct comparative analyses with students in various fields, talk about the nuances and specificities of various professions. Such programmes are a good tool for students who make their career choices.

6. Seasonal (winter/summer) education schoolsA very popular format of educational programmes for conditions for admission and students, which combines educational classes with educational trips and meetings giving a general idea of the future profession.

7. International conferences and seminarsA time-tested format of collective immersion in understanding of the issues under consideration. As a rule, the focus of such mass or collective events is narrow and thus ensures maximum concentration.



The Academy carried out in-depth analytical work to determine the quality of teaching and learning in various formats.

The format of the educational process can be off-line (the natural and most “human” way of transfer and exchange of knowledge and experience, which is realized in the process of educational and research practice). By now, we have no doubt that without off-line (or just online) you will never be able to get the best knowledge of possible and practical tools for your future or current profession. Moreover, there are a great number of important professions that require face-to-face meetings, off-line education, knowledge and practice sharing, and emotional engagement.

We also understand and recognize that online education is the best additional innovative tool that makes any programme “speak” in modern digital language. The online format is absolutely necessary, especially in force majeure circumstances such as the coronavirus pandemic. Though, the more we try and introduce this format into Beringoff International Academy of Law activities, the more sceptical our students and teachers become. However, these situations have made us more aware of what a real quality is like and how it is created.

We consider the decision to combine learning both online and off-line to be reasonable, efficient and implementable. This makes planning and learning process more flexible for us. We understand the difference between teaching and knowledge sharing, support research, practice and innovation.



All the above programmes and activities offered by Beringoff International Academy of Law can take place in various countries. The choice of facility will depend on the budget, season, number of participants from each region, specific requirements to the administration and other foreseeable and unforeseen circumstances. In any case, in the decision-making process we will be as flexible as possible and oriented to the quality of the attendees’ requests.

Even though we are committed to our main location (Beringoff International Academy of Law = Switzerland), we can choose another location to run the Beringoff International Academy of Law programme, if such a location gives the best result for professional recognition, potential growth, attracting people, as well as from the financial point of view. In any case, we will try to strengthen each other’s educational positions and respect the name of the partner. We will develop a new, special format of diplomas, which will be awarded to all who pass our joint education course, and will create interesting marketing tools for the promotion of our products.

Our plan for the immediate future is to acquire reliable and influential partners around the world to be able to place educational programmes on a friendly territory and to officially localize the educational presence of Beringoff International Academy of Law everywhere.

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