Master's degree. International sports law

The legal profession is one of the most sought-after and prestigious. Considering globalization, new forms of international cooperation, and inter-state and corporate disputes, the demand for skilled international lawyers is increasing every year.

The unique joint educational Master’s Degree Program in International Sports Law is aimed at training international-level specialists who are able to carry out professional activities in three languages in such areas as the regulatory framework for sports regulation, resolving disputes in sports, civil law contracts in sports, etc.

Some of the leading experts from Russia, Europe and the USA, practicing lawyers, officials of international organizations, top managers and business operators are engaged as lecturers. On a day-to-day basis, our students gain knowledge and liaison with top specialists in law that possess extensive expertise and vast practical experience.

Trainees residing in Switzerland enjoy the unique opportunity of immersion into international environment, discovering European mindset, as well as sharing their invaluable experience of multicultural interaction and learning their trade in the traditions of European school of jurisprudence.    

The Master’s Degree Program is aimed at training lawyers with knowledge of English or English and French, who will be able to provide legal support for the activities in the field of sports and represent the interests of their future employers in various international organizations and judicial bodies.

Graduates of the Master’s Degree Program will have the opportunity to find employment in state bodies in the field of sports in Russia, as well as in the relevant international organizations.

Teachers at the Master’s Degree Program at the Beringoff International Academy of Law are leading sports law experts.

It is the Master’s Degree Program of the Beringoff International Academy of Law that will allow achieving the set goals for training qualified specialists with knowledge of one or two foreign languages as the training will partly take place in Switzerland.

Foreign professors and teachers will be involved in the teaching of disciplines; study visits to international organizations will be arranged, for example, to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

Each section of the Master’s Degree Program, in addition to the general part, contains topics devoted to a comparative legal analysis of this section regulations as illustrated by several countries having the Romano-Germanic legal systems, on the one hand, and common law countries, on the other hand. In addition, each section of the Master’s Degree Program provides examples from judicial and contractual practice.

  • Advanced topics of sports law
  • Sports dispute resolution
  • Regulatory framework for sports regulation
  • Comparative legal studies
  • Civil law contracts in sports
  • Protection of the rights of persons involved in sports activities
  • Features of labor regulation in sports
  • Legal issues to be considered when organizing international sports competitions
  • Regulatory framework in the field of doping prevention in sports
  • International sports federations and leagues as persons involved in sports activities

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